‘Thank you Candidates’

‘Thank you Candidates’

This Saturday 19th March is the GRC election. There’s been lots of talk around who bought signs locally and who supports a local business process with tendering.

As a local business, Gladstone News thought we would be very transparent and thank the candidates that made the choice to spend their own personal money advertising and campaigning with the most local publication in Gladstone, Gladstone News.

We are locally owned, have 100% of our staff based in Gladstone and cover local stories and events. Its the advertisers that allow us to be FREE for Gladstone readers to pick up and read all the great stuff happening around town. We also keep our website FREE with NO BLOCK OUTS so you can see all the news and info on local issues, conversations and events.

Please share this list and let people know that we appreciate the candidates that have made a commitment to Gladstone News. More info on them under the election tab. ‘Meet the Candidates’ on our website.

A big thank you to the following candidates that supported Gladstone News (in ballot order)

For Mayor

Gail Sellers For Mayor

Matt Burnett For Mayor

For Councillor

Alex Staines

Cindi Bush

Peter Masters

Jody McMullen

Lynette Dahl

Glenn Churchill

Chris Trevor

Ren Lanzon

Chris Cameron

Rick Hansen

Kahn Goodluck

Peter Powell

PJ Sobhanian

Charles Thompson

Thank you for putting ‘money where your mouth is’ and when given an option of allocating funds to advertising, you personally selected a local paper that in turn helped us continue to employ local staff.