Thank you for your service

Thank you for your service

Roseberry QLD’s General Manager, Ms Colleen Tribe, is moving on from her role after eight and a half years of incredible achievements.

Roseberry Qld was formed in the mid-1980s when a local committee set about applying for funding for a youth shelter in Gladstone. The shelter, Roseberry House, as we now know it, was established in February 1986. The shelter was located at 6 Roseberry Street, hence its name is associated with the street – making it easier for young people to locate. In 2001 a new shelter was constructed at its present location in Rollo Street. The shelter was later replicated in Rockhampton and is known as Jack’s House.

​The shelter operated for a number of years and it became apparent that as young people left the shelter, they required ongoing support to live independently in the community. Over the years, as needs were identified, the organisation has grown its services to include: Branch-out Youth Development, Reconnect and Transition to Independent living, broader affordable and social accommodation and housing, and the much-needed dignity hub service.

Ms Tribe has been instrumental in creating and expanding social services in Central Queensland. Thanks to Ms Tribe Roseberry now manages affordable and social housing in excess of 100 properties throughout the region. Ms Tribes eight and a half years in leading the organisation has also seen Roseberry QLD take over the operation of Headspace both in Gladstone and Rockhampton, and the Parent Next Program which offers support to young parents.

Ms Tribe said,

“It has been a privilege to work with Roseberry and help it grow and be so successful in its mission”. It will be sad to say goodbye but I will always be watching and keeping in contact with the wonderful staff and clients whom I’ve developed great friendships.”

Ms Tribe also acknowledged the support of the Gladstone, Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast communities, along with the volunteers and industry support.

“To be in such a privileged position where we contribute to changing someone’s life for the better is often overwhelming but also so very fulfilling.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Craig Walker said,

“It’s is Roseberry’s absolute mission to assist people with a home, strengthen families and support pathways for young people,” Mr Walker said.

“Colleen’s contribution to this mission in this region has been nothing short of amazing.”

During Ms Tribe’s eight and a half years with Roseberry some of the highlights have included

  • Headspace Services in Gladstone & Rockhampton
  • Homeless Connect Lead
  • Parent Next Program throughout CCQ
  • New Roseberry Offices on Dawson Road
  • Dignity Hub
  • Rebranding and renaming of Roseberry Queensland
  • Back to school supplies campaign
  • LQBTIQ pride celebrations

Roseberry Qld welcomed new General Manager Ms Michelle Coates who commenced on the 27th of January 2021.

“We are indebted to Colleen for her career with Roseberry and we wish her every happiness in her next endeavours. We extend a very warm welcome to Ms Coates and look forward to the next chapter in the Roseberry story” Mr Walker said.

“Colleen will be taking a well-deserved break in February”.

If you are in need or know of someone who can benefit from Roseberry’s Qld services, please look us up via our website