The Artistic Journey of Jen Hollstein

The Artistic Journey of Jen Hollstein

This exquisite array of artworks has been formed through a developing connection with Jen’s intuition as she strives toward healing and liberation.

As one explores these works, it becomes evident that they represent more than individual artistic expressions. The collection is an example of Jen’s practice in art therapy and features an instinctive use of symbols, movements, and colour combinations that aim to capture the emotional and physical states of the artist. 

Jen Hollstein, the curious mind behind this masterpiece, reflects on her own journey as an artist and shares what inspired her to partake in such a magnificent and rewarding career.

“I was fortunate to be born into a very creative family,” says Jen.

“After graduating in Arts and Social Science, I worked in a commercial art gallery in Scotland where I was exposed to a lot of diverse artwork and had the chance to meet and work with many of the makers,”

“When my diving career came to an abrupt end in 2020 and I found myself stuck in Gladstone, it seemed to make sense to return to the Arts as a way to cope personally with what was going on in the world, but also as a way to contribute to the health of the community,” explained Jen.

“Over the past three years of guiding others through an expressive art process, I am finding it easier to engage in creativity without the paralysing constraints of self-judgment and societal rules and expectations getting in the way. The collection therefore demonstrates a raw and vulnerable approach to art-making which I hope inspires others to explore their own sense of pure, creative expression,”

“I’d like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the vibrant Gladstone community for nurturing my growth and helping me rebuild and strengthen my self-trust. Ultimately, this has allowed me to foster a deeper connection with the world around me.”

Artwork Title: ‘Intuition’ by Jen Hollstein, 2023



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