‘The Bee Boys’ Are Causing A Buzz Around Town

‘The Bee Boys’ Are Causing A Buzz Around Town

Local year nine students Darcy and Angus have been very busy managing their own honey-selling business.

The fourteen-year-old twins first started beekeeping in 2020, when their parents expressed an interest in producing their own honey. What first started off as two hives, and selling honey to their friends and family, is now a region-wide business, with fifty hives spread across the region from Gladstone to Tannum Sands.

“This current season has been so good, we’ve had so many things in flower and the bees have been very busy. This means we’ve been getting a really large amount of honey.”

“We were lucky to have a couple of very experienced beekeepers in the region to speak to initially. Mr. Leo Lindley has been an invaluable help to us as he has always been very willing to help us with tips and tricks he’s picked up over the years.”

While the pair are usually well equipped to keep the bees at bay, they have had a few stings every now and then.

“We wear bee suits and use a smoker when harvesting the honey which protects us, but we get stung occasionally when there’s a sneaky bee flying around. One day Angus got stung right between his eyes and his eyes swelled up so much he wasn’t able to go to school.”

The twins currently sell honey at local markets, sometimes sell roadside, and can deliver on some Saturdays. The profits from the business go towards anything they need for the business like wax, frames and honey containers.

The remaining money is being saved by Darcy and Angus to buy their first cars.

The boys would like to thank their Mum and Dad for getting them interested in bees, Leo Lindley for all his beekeeping tips, and the boys’ sister Kendall, for their logo design.


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