The Bronco’s Coach Life Skills

The Bronco’s Coach Life Skills

Three former Brisbane Bronco’s players visited Gladstone last week holding a youth training session at the Valleys Rugby League Football Club.

The players also visited four schools in the Gladstone region before making a stop at Site Skills Training, the major sponsor of the club’s game development program.

Ex-Broncos player Darren Burns has been based in Gympie as the Brisbane Broncos Game Development officer for 12 years and has been instrumental in the development of many primary and high school students in the region

“Our role here is to develop the game and develop the community,” Darren said.

“We visit schools on a regular basis and host presentations centred around goal setting, personal brand, health and relationships.

“Through those presentations, we aim to help the kids be better people and obviously we go to the football clubs and schools to promote the game and do coach education to help them develop their rugby league skills.” Darren continued.

The Brisbane Bronco’s along with many other clubs are investing their time into making players better people as less than 1% of people make a career playing any sport.

“This tells us that you need to set yourself up as a better person and then as a better player because you will go further in life being a better person rather than a better player.”

When asked what he would tell an aspiring young footy player Darren said,

“Compete! Just learn to compete, don’t choose when you want to compete, you compete at absolutely everything you do. And if you don’t succeed at sport for whatever reason, you’ve developed the skill to complete and you will compete out in the workforce and end up with a better job.”