The Colours of My Life – Graeme Kanofski

The Colours of My Life – Graeme Kanofski

Former Gladstone Regional Council Chief Executive Officer Graeme Kanofski has written and published an autobiography ‘The Colours of My Life – Life, politics and religion’.

Graeme has had a 40-year career in Local Government with 5 Councils in Qld. Graeme held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Gladstone/Calliope Aerodrome Board between 1981 and the amalgamations of 2008 and retired from the role of Chief Executive Officer of Gladstone Regional Council in July 2011.

Recently Graeme has undertaken Directorships with the Central Qld Hospital Board.

Graeme decided to write his autobiography during COVID, taking him three months to write and few more to edit.

“A few mates of mine have always said you should write an autobiography, so I thought I would give it a go and it just flowed.”

“I believe in training the future generations, so I wrote this book as a legacy project for people to hopefully learn from my experiences. But look if the most you get out of it is a laugh, I’m happy!”

“In the book, I put forward some propositions about how future generations could proceed forward. One of the things I believe we should be looking at is bettering the government of this country, we have three tiers of government that were set in the horse and buggy days. One of the propositions I put in here is that we should have a federal government that oversees all the police, education and health etc and then we should have regional local governments that oversee specific issues in their region.”

The book ‘The Colours of My Life’ can be ordered from all major book shops, with the e-book available online.