The Lake Awoonga Adventure Race is Back and Bigger Than Ever!

The Lake Awoonga Adventure Race is Back and Bigger Than Ever!

Gear up for the ultimate thrill at the Lake Awoonga Adventure Race! Brace yourselves for three mind blowing challenges that took excitement to a whole new level.

The Barramundi Bush Bash was an open invitation for thrill seekers of all ages. Kids as young as ten, dove into the action and if you were under thirteen, you brought along your trusty adult sidekick for the ride!

Melanie, who serves as the Secretary of the Benaraby Progress Association has shared her thoughts about the recent success of the event.

“We have three race disciplines or categories that participants can choose to compete in,” explained Melanie.

“The first race is called the Taipan Trail, which was an 18km course that consisted of trail bike rides and trail runs. The overall winner in 1st place was Brendan Scanlan,”

“The Goshawk Gauntlet, the second race in the series, proved to be an equally demanding challenge despite its shorter 14km course. Participants navigated a trail bike ride and a trail run, with the added option of either kayaking or swimming. The course also featured an additional trail run and bike ride to test competitor’s endurance,” said Melanie.

“Luke Campbelltown secured the 1st place in the Goshawk Gauntlet race and took out the win overall with John Earl closely trailing behind in 2nd place. Both demonstrated outstanding efforts throughout the challenging course!”

“The final race is designed to be more family friendly, featuring a 6km course that includes a bike ride, kayak, trail run, and a concluding bike ride to the finish line,” shared Melanie.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the incredible volunteers and major sponsors, Cool Waters Outdoor and Gladstone Regional Council whose support has been instrumental in making this year’s event truly exceptional. I would also just like to thank our event partner Gladstone Area Water Board for also contributing to its success!”

Photo Credit: George Vartabedian Photography



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