The Ultimate Gladstone To-Do List

The Ultimate Gladstone To-Do List

A simple request on Gladstone Open Discussion: “I’m trying to come up with a ‘to do’ list in CQ…. any suggestions?” has led to local woman Carmen Groat developing the ultimate Local Bucket List.

“I started this discussion/list following a conversation at work where a workmate was horrified knowing that I am a born and bred local that I haven’t done some of the “local” things around the area like climb Mt. Larcom, Lilley’s Beach or go to Heron,” Carmen said.

“I really started to think about it I realised I have done very little and decided to make 2019 the year of becoming a Gladstone Local! I put together a list of things I knew and sought feedback on Gladstone Open Discussion (on Facebook), which very quickly took off.”

“Having spent some of my youth here I had ticked off most ‘18+’ drinking things, which were quickly discussed on the thread, but now having a young family I wanted to get involved in seeing and doing some of the more wholesome activities and enjoying the area.”

“While I have done a few things, I will probably revisit those, now that I have children. Most items I knew about, but I had never heard of Bulburin National Park – which google tells me is in Boyne Valley region.”

“There is plenty more the region has to offer, but this is definitely a good starting block!”

For the Party People

  • Lunch at the Many Peaks Pub
  • Monto Races
  • Gladstone Cup
  • Calliope Boxing Day Races
  • Beach Arts Music
  • Mt Larcom Show
  • Harbour Festival
  • Exhibition at Art Gallery
  • Under the Trees Fest
  • Gecko Valley Winery
  • Visit the Baffle Creek Brewery
  • Feast on East (Cruise Ships)
  • A pub crawl
  • Watched a show at the GPC Marina amphitheatre
  • BBQ Canoe Point
  • Benaraby School Fair
  • Harbour Cruise

Athletic and Daring:

  • Climbed Mt Larcom
  • SUP @ 1770
  • Calliope Rodeo
  • MV Rodeo
  • Lady Musgrave Snorkelling
  • Scuba Dives
  • Bike Ride Turtle Way
  • Walked Canoe Point to Wild Cattle
  • Climbed Tannum Beach Stairs
  • Climbed East Shores Stairs
  • Botanical Gardens Walk
  • Botanic to Bridge
  • Spinnaker Loop
  • Fitness Trail Loop
  • Barefoot Bowls
  • Flying fox at Tannum Esplanade
  • Paperbark Trail – Agnes
  • Jumped off Boyne Bridge*
  • Jumped off Marina Bridge*
  • Jumped off Callemondah Bridge*

*Disclaimer: Gladstone News does not endorse jumping off bridges!

Planes, Trains, Boats and the LARC!

  • Kroombit Tops (plane)
  • Sailed in Harbour
  • Historical Village train
  • Train to Nowhere
  • Raglan Air Show
  • HMAS Gladstone
  • Maritime Museum
  • LARC! 1770
  • Weekend jaunts:
  • Blackdown Tablelands – Blackwater
  • Singing Ship Emu Park
  • Day trip to Bulburim National Park
  • Cooberi Park
  • Croc Farm
  • The Caves
  • Island Life
  • Weekend on Heron
  • Weekend at Great Keppel Island
  • Curtis Island
  • Facing Island
  • Walked across to Wild Cattle

Boating Camping and Fishing

  • Camped at Lilley’s beach
  • Camped at Calliope River
  • Camped at Boynedale
  • Fishing under Benaraby Bridge
  • Yellow Patch / The Narrows
  • Rodds Bay
  • Camped Agnes/1770

Off Road 4WD

  • Colosseum
  • Deepwater National Park
  • Five Rocks
  • Eurimbula

The Best (Secret) Swimming Spots

  • Blackmans Gap
  • Catfish Creek
  • Fairy Springs
  • Ubobo Bridge
  • Awoonga Dam
  • Pikes Crossing