Toolooa State High School – A Culture of Success – 2017 in Review

Toolooa State High School – A Culture of Success – 2017 in Review

In recent years Toolooa State High School has built a reputation for consistently achieving quality outcomes for all of our students. Not only was this again achieved in 2017, it was significantly surpassed. The results achieved across our school in 2017 not only galvanize our position as a leader in state education within our region but place our school in the forefront of signature practice within Queensland. The achievements of 2017 are a testament to the hard work of all our students, the dedication of our staff and the tireless support from our parents and community.

In our junior school (years 7-9) our focus is explicitly on improvement in the areas of reading, writing, and numeracy. In recent years we have seen consistent gains and improvements in these areas for all of our students which provides the best platform for them to transition into and succeed during the senior years. Our key results listed below indicate this.

The results of our senior students in 2017 are best described as simply amazing. In my 21 years at Toolooa State High School, I have not witnessed anything like it. Our individualised focus on senior students working toward meaningful and relevant pathways has again paid dividends. Statistically, it was our best year in recent memory in relation to year 12 exit results.

Although our successes in 2017 are well worth celebrating, it is with great pride that I can say that this is now the standard and expectation we set for ourselves every year at Toolooa. Each year we continue to improve as we have developed a school based on high expectations that is supported by the structures and leadership required to achieve consistent success.

Additionally, I would like to publically announce that our 2017 Academic Champion has been awarded to Jasmine Elliott. To be honest, most in our local community will not be surprised by this as Jasmine has achieved a multitude of accolades in recent years. As a school, we are very proud of her achievements and special mention must go to her parents Sherie and Martin for their dedicated support of their daughter in her continued pursuit of excellence.

In finishing, I would like to formally recognise our school captains for 2018, Amy, Salvador, Merin, and Henry. We wish them all the best in juggling the demands of year 12 and service to the school but have the utmost confidence that they will all do an amazing job.





Justin Harrison, Acting Principal