Transform Your Pool With Minerals

Transform Your Pool With Minerals

Mineral swimming and bathing has been around since ancient times. Using minerals to treat your pool water may reduce chlorine and acid use by up to 30%.

It works via a process called electrolysis. Your pool chlorinator cell coverts the minerals into chlorine gas which is distributed through your pool water to keep it clean by eradicating bacteria and algae. The mineral compositions not only have a positive effect on the water quality but the body also.

The main minerals found in swimming pool minerals include magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, borates and sodium chloride and they can enhance the swimming experience by giving the water a “softer” feel.

They offer many health benefits such as detoxifying the skin, alleviating sensitive skin symptoms, and relaxing the nervous system.

No more feeling sticky either! There are a lot of fallacies out there so please come into Poolwerx for the truth about mineralising your pool. Enjoy the summer feeling well and more relaxed through mineralising your pool.