Trekking the Trail for Chaplaincy

Trekking the Trail for Chaplaincy

Chappy Joey has completed a 60km horse trek over the course of 3 days, on the Boyne Burnett Rail Trail in June in order to raise awareness and financial support for her chaplaincy service at Tannum Sands State School. Chappy Joey runs over 10 wellbeing programs in her school, which offer emotional/social programs such as; Seasons for Growth, Big Life Journal, Brave and Rhythm to Recovery. The services also include; Breakfast Club, Faith Club and Therapy Dog Services.

Chappy Joey’s passion, is for all young people to have the opportunity to feel supported and valued at school.

“I want to be able to help my students discover their unique strengths and abilities, whilst assist them with learning how to reach their full potential,” said Joey.

“I have been a Central Queenslander for 44 years. I was born in Tamworth, and moved to Queensland when I was 8 years old. I spent most of my life on a cattle and grain property at Bauhinia Downs and attended Longreach Pastoral College for two years, as a young teenager,”

“As a School Chaplain, I have the unique opportunity to focus on children’s wellbeing and welfare. I love the opportunity to be on the front line, so to speak, of helping young ones when they are going through difficult changes in their family circumstances, negotiating the world of developing friendships and social skills or just learning how to manage and care for their emotional wellbeing,”

“I have a saying on my wall, ‘Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about them’. I want to try my best to champion every child no matter how unique they are or if they see the world through a different lens. I want to ensure that I am making them feel understood and valued,” said Joey.

“I started horse trekking, because I wanted to raise funds and awareness for my chaplaincy service at Tannum primary. I care very deeply about every child, especially those who seem lost and alone,”

“Chaplain wages are partially covered by the Federal Government, however this only provides 1.5 days per week. The local L.C.C and T.S.S.S, also generously donate. My colleagues and I feel 3 days per week provides us with the opportunity to meet most well being needs at Tannum primary, which is why my goal is to raise $8,000. This will pay for .5 of a day for the year,”

“Sponsorship for my fundraising event ; Trekking the Trail that has just been completed it currently still open. All proceeds go directly towards me having more time in my school. We haven’t quite made our target and your sponsorship would be very much appreciated,”

“You can find lots of interesting videos on my Facebook Page : Joey Parnell – Trekking the Trail for Chaplaincy. You can also find footage of all my adventures from the Boyne / Burnett Rail Trail.” said Joey.

If you would like to support Chappy Joey on her journey, you can donate at

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