TRENDING: Gladstone people getting pet’s to do funny things!

TRENDING: Gladstone people getting pet’s to do funny things!

There is something about indulging in animal cuteness. Recently, someone uploaded a video onto YouTube of their Scottish terrier fainting from overwhelming joy at seeing a family member who had arrived home after two years of travel. Another video, which shows a pit bull puppy cuddling up to a baby, garnered over 2 million views.  These latest “stars” are just part of the latest internet trend, where people will post videos online of their pets doing the cutest things.

We are the first people to admit that it is so much fun to take pics of our pets doing funny things. A few of the things we have admitted to doing here at Gladstone News office are:

  • Dress them up in elaborate outfits
  • Make memes out of them
  • Throw birthday parties for them

There are a few Pet trends around like this so we want to make the top 5 best from around the Gladstone Region region! Another classic we absolutely love are ‘THE EYEBROWS’. Sorry not sorry!








Here is a prime example from the net.

Bubu the Chinchilla Bubu

This little fluffy ball of cuteness is a”life guru“of sorts, inspiring those that know of her to live a better life. There are countless photos of Bubu uploaded to Instagram, with each photo accompanies by a little life-lesson caption. For example, ”You should always learn an instrument because you’re never alone with music“, alongside an image of bubu holding a teeny trumpet. Or “Drink antioxidant tea everyday“, with bubu holding a pink plastic teacup to her face, with her long black whiskers forming a pseudo-moustache.


Known by many as “the cutest dog in the world“, Boo is famous for his adorable appearance, which consists of dozens of different outfits and poses. A Pomeranian, Boo has over 14 million fans on Facebook. One look at his page and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this little fluff-ball. He’s dressed in sunglasses, a superman suit, and in various poses. The cutest thing is the expression on his face – it’s almost as if he’s human!

Please, please, please – we beg you on behalf of the Animal lovers share these cuteness overloads or funny moments with us! We will publish in our Pet Fame Page in Gladstone News.

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