Trinity College Gladstone

Trinity College Gladstone

Trinity College has been using a wide range of learning online programs for a number of years.


Trinity College is, as a result, well placed for this current period of uncertainty and the majority of our students having to be learning from home. We are confident that we can continue to provide high-quality learning.  Trinity College has had an iPad program in Primary and our Macbook program in Secondary, for four years. This includes the expansion of our one-to-one iPad program to operate from year 3 upwards, and our one-to-one Macbook program in Secondary. Combined with educational software systems, which we have been using well prior to the current crisis, we are placed well to “Power on with education”.

Trinity College feels it is very important that as we deliver remote and online learning that we partner with our parents at this time, whilst we will still continue to provide students with the most enriching learning program that we can. We want to support our families as we continue to provide a distinctly Christian education experience. This includes ensuring that our chaplaincy team are available to our families, via technology, at this time.


Trinity College Kindergarten continues to operate as normally as possible and offer our comprehensive play-based program to all our Kindy students. We believe this is the best possible outcome for all our Kindergarten families. Understandably, if parents wish to have their children stay at home, a Learning pack will be provided so that they will continue to receive stimulating engagement and play-based opportunities at home. However, for those families who wish to have their children come to our Kindergarten, our regular learning program will continue, with appropriate risk-mitigation strategies in place.


We have implemented a remote learning plan for our Primary school which is flexible and meets the needs of our students and families.  Our learning plan is presented in weekly learning packs, which create a familiar routine for students while also providing flexibility for families. By being delivered and collected weekly, this allows regular feedback, support to parents, and our teachers to keep track of student progress.

The remote learning plan for primary students follows a Monday to Friday learning schedule, with Wednesday and Friday afternoons being devoted to physical activity and health and wellness activities, which they can undertake either at school (if they are the children of parents who work) or in the backyard. Communication from our teachers to their students is facilitated through ‘Class Dojo’ – a communication app, on a daily basis with additional online support from our teacher aides to those students who need additional learning needs met.

Additional learning opportunities for our Primary students will be facilitated through online platforms such as: Mathseeds, Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggs Express, Typing Tournament, Spelling City and, in our upper primary, Google Classroom, preparing them for Secondary education.


Trinity College secondary school has been operating with the use of MacBook Air laptops for several years now, which means that our students a strong Information Communication Technology (ICT) skillset ready to move completely online.

We will be operating under what is called ‘Synchronous’ online learning, meaning students will connect with their regular classes in their regular timeslots according to their usual timetables.

Students currently have an online learning classroom (Google Classroom) for all subjects. Lesson materials are uploaded onto this platform for activity completion, revising learning, assessments, rubrics, assessment submission and grading information.

The Pastoral Care Classroom is an important part of our student day, bringing connection within our community where an inspirational and relevant devotional message is delivered to our students. This supports our student’s wellbeing together with the delivery of weekly online whole school assemblies and chapels from our Principal and Head of Secondary.

Additional support is provided online through our IT Classroom Information Support Guide Classroom – Troubleshooting guides for common computer issues and our Careers Classroom (Yr 10 -12) – for all careers support and information.

Other learning online platforms encompass: OneNote, Microsoft Teams,  ZOOM lessons (virtual and recorded), Mathletics (Yr 7 -9)