Turnbull confirms election

Turnbull confirms election

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed his intention to hold a double dissolution election on July 2. 

“We have a lot of decisions to make.” Malcolm Turnbull expects that a double dissolution election will be called for July 2, 2016, so Australians can vote on the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

It was announced on 21 March 2016 that the 2016 federal budget will be handed down on 3 May 2016.

The next Australian federal election will elect members of the 45th Parliament of Australia. The election will be called following the dissolution or expiry of the 44th Parliament, and must be held on or before 14 January 2017. However, no federal election has ever been held in January, making a 2016 election more likely.

By Westminster convention, subject to Constitutional constraints, the decision as to the type of election and date on which an election is to take place is that of the Prime Minister, who advises the Governor-General to set the process in motion by dissolving the House of Representatives and then issuing writs for election.

On 18 April, the Senate blocked the government’s ABCC legislation, creating a third and fourth double dissolution election trigger. On 19 April the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated that there would now definitely be a double dissolution, but it would not be called until “an appropriate time after the 2016 Federal Budget” (due on 3 May); however, he would be advising the Governor-General to agree to an election on 2 July 2016.