You may have heard or seen the letters ie popping up around town recently, and wondered what all the fuss is about?

To explain, ie is an acronym for Incredible Edibles which was born from the enthusiasm and skills growth of a team of Gladstone Community Linking Agency (GCLA) customers involved in Tasty Treats.

Tasty Treats is one of many capacity building programs offered in the suite of GCLA opportunities for locals living with a disability. Tasty Treats was originally set up to create budding home chefs while building independence, home skills and kitchen safety.

In 2017 Incredible Edibles was formed as a social enterprise of GCLA; catering for events and community groups around Gladstone.

At the end of 2018 a BIG opportunity arose to purchase a cafe in Tannum Sands. For the Incredible Edibles team opening a cafe seemed the natural progression for this evolving catering business.

The recruitment strategy has been aimed at providing paid work and training opportunities for individuals living with a disability, that might otherwise find it difficult to gain the same opportunity.  

The Incredible Edibles team are continually learning, on the job and through structured study, enabling them to be amazing in their field and capable of bringing quality products to your plate. The team have been working very hard in readiness for the ie cafe official opening, 8 April.

Incredible Edibles is a great demonstration of GCLA’s values; embracing each other’s humanity and enabling locals to live their best life and realise their potential.

GCLA is the parent company to Incredible Edibles, made up of a team of passionate locals who provide support to people living with a disability and aged care.  

For Shannon Nott two little letters, ie, have great meaning and have created BIG opportunities for himself and the Incredible Edibles team.

Shannon has been involved from the start of Incredible Edibles and with Tasty Treats. He still enjoys working with the Tasty Treats team, when he’s not working for Incredible Edibles.

I love my work with Incredible Edibles and the opportunities it has created for me. Especially now we have our own cafe as our shop front, it’s very exciting.” Shannon said.

I enjoy the independence, having responsibility, learning new things and working with my team members. The whole experience from the start has been very rewarding.” He continued.

I hope the community enjoy coming into the ie cafe and my team members and I look forward to being there to welcome you.” Shannon added.

Shannon Nott, Incredible Edibles Catering Assistant, in training at the cafe in preparation for official opening on 8 April, 10am.