Uber Hair Celebrates 15 Years

Uber Hair Celebrates 15 Years

Last month Uber Hair celebrated 15 years of being in business in Gladstone.

Hayley Pinel opened the business back in 2005 with a team of herself and one apprentice. Over the years Hayley has grown her team, currently employing six Gladstone locals and will soon welcome her seventh member.

To celebrate the occasion Hayley said,

“We went pretty big this year with color which is not typical for hair salons, because of how the year has been for a lot of people we recognized that it was time to have a bit more festivity and a bit more fun.”

“So the salon was completely decked out with rainbow balloons… Hundreds and hundreds of balloons. We also had really fun giveaways and a gifting station, as we wanted it to be special for our clients.”

“We’ve had clients who have supported us the entire time, we’ve had clients coming here for 15 years and we just wanted to say a little bit of a thank you.”

“Everything was lollies and candy themed even the foil we used in everyone’s hair was rainbow colored for the whole month.”

Hayley attributes her businesses success to the care she provides to her customers.

“What we do is caring for people, our industry is quite mass produced, so it’s all about what you can do for that person.”