Ulton Gladstone is on board for supporting Central Queensland Dairy Fresh!

Ulton Gladstone is on board for supporting Central Queensland Dairy Fresh!

Ulton Gladstone recently made the switch to Central Queensland Dairy Fresh milk to better support our local farmers. The suggestion originally came from one of Ulton’s Client Support Assistants, Clare Zunker, who attended the Bundy Flavours Festival and heard a spokesperson from Central Queensland Dairy Fresh talk about the milk crisis and what positive impacts buying local has on the local economy. From this point on, Ulton decided to show their support and buy local Central Queensland Dairy Fresh milk. The Gladstone office heard about what the Bundaberg office was doing and decided to join in to show their support by making the #dairyswitch.

Ulton Gladstone Partner, Trish Ilicic said “Our business is all about helping and supporting local businesses to become more profitable, to grow and achieve success. We buy milk for our offices, so we figured we should buy milk that will make a real difference to our local economy.”

Buying local is not a new concept to Ulton, they have always supported local whenever they can. Whether it be for electrical services, stationery, client lunches, client gifts and office décor, they do our best to think local first.

“Many of us have felt the effects of local businesses closing their doors, and the flow-on effect of this is damaging for the community. Small businesses are vital to the local economy and we need to support them so they have the opportunity to grow. So next time you need to buy something – think local,” Trish said.

Well done Ulton for supporting our local farmers! You can join the #dairyswitch by supporting the following businesses that either stock or use Central Queensland Dairy Fresh milk:

Bororen Hotel, Boyne Island Bakery, Caltex Boyne Island, Drakes Calliope & Sun Valley, Foodworks Gladstone, Fords Spar Express, Gladstone Newsagency, Miriam Vale Hotel, Mt Larcom News, The Deli Plate, Turkey Beach General Store, and many more!