University Admission Changes

A New Hope For Students

University Admission Changes

The Career Development Association of Australia encourages Year 12 students to view potential changes to university admission as an opportunity.

The Federal Government announced yesterday that Year 12 Students will still receive an ATAR this year, despite the disruption to schools from COVID-19.

With students still set to graduate, universities may also consider extracurricular achievements and year 11 work, and where appropriate use aptitude tests, to assess students for university entry.

“The vast majority of university courses have always chosen students based on a ranking, which is calculated based on academic results,” CDAA National President Wanda Hayes said.

“A student who didn’t do well across all of their subjects wouldn’t do as well in the university selection process and there was very limited or sometimes no facility for considering other factors.”

“There is a real opportunity to highlight other things year 12 students do beyond the academic curriculum that aligns with their strengths and interests.”

In other countries, factors like extra-curricular and co-curricular achievements, leadership experience and engagement with community service activities are already considered in the university recruitment space.

While Universities Australia is still working with governments and schools to outline the changes for university admission, CDAA advises students to be ready for them.

This means using this time to take stock of what they have to offer beyond their academic results and preparing to use this information, should universities decide to broaden their admission selection processes.

“Year 12s should utilise all the resources in their school’s career education program to stay on the front foot with all of these changes. Most schools have a program but often students don’t take it very seriously – now is the time to do so,” Ms. Hayes said.

Students may be feeling anxious about what the future holds, but CDAA encourages them to try and remain positive.