Unsuited Real Estate

Unsuited Real Estate

Unsuited Real Estate is Gladstone’s newest property agency and plans to open with a bang on October 1st. Unsuited Real Estate is a family business, owned and operated by Jason Fitzgerald and his wife. Jason studied his Diploma of Property Services in 2015 and started working with an agency in Brisbane, before accepting a job and moving back home to Gladstone in 2016.

“Previously to 2015 I had been working in transport for 20 years but had to have a career change due to health reasons. So, I thought I’d give real estate a go and loved it.” Jason said.

Jason started his own real estate agency as he doesn’t like the direction the real estate industry is going.

“I’m more concerned about matching the right buyers to the right houses. For me it’s not about how much you can earn, it’s about matching people correctly and taking the time.

“A lot of people are pushed into buying a house they don’t want, or they’re pushed aside because they’re too particular. But I’ve always been about taking my time with buyers and get them what they want.

“So, it’s about me wanting to negotiate better outcomes for buyers and sellers really. I’ve had quite a few people ask me to start my own business over the years too.” Jason said.

Jason believes in using old school values, he doesn’t have a single structure, instead opting for multiple structures to ensure everyone can be helped.

“This morning for example we were working on an appraisal and the clients were first time home buyers 12 months ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances they’ve now got to sell, and they’d never been through the process. Obviously, they’d been through the process of buying but it was easy for them as they’d known the person they bought from. But they had no idea what the processes were for selling and what the step by step process would be. So, you know, we take the time of going through all that and we go right into where they are financially, so we can set a structure for them and not make their situation worse.” Jason said.

Currently, Jason believes Gladstone’s property market is looking quite good.

“There isn’t too much fluctuation either way, it just seems to be pretty steady due to low interest rates. There are some really good properties out there at the moment, so it’s a good time to buy and a good time to sell!”