Volunteer Shout Out

Volunteer Shout Out

KNOWN as “The Golden Girls”, volunteer trio Kathleen, Lorraine and Lyn have been a huge part of the Gladstone Harbour Festival for years.

Collectively they have over 50 years of volunteering experience and describe the opportunity to give back to the community as one they “would not miss”.

“We just love being involved in the festival, which really is a special event, and helping to promote the Gladstone Region,” Kathleen said.

“Plus, it’s something fun, we get to catch up with old friends, and feel like we are contributing to something useful.”

Gladstone Festivals & Events Event Coordinator Jemma Tangohau said the Harbour Festival would not be possible without the support of volunteers like The Golden Girls.

“Like all our volunteers, these ladies have made an invaluable contribution to our event over the years,” she said.

“They really do help bring the Gladstone Harbour Festival to life, and we appreciate every single one of them for donating their time, knowledge and skills to making our event what it is.”

Lorraine said she would encourage anyone considering volunteering to “give it a go”.

“Your help will keep the festival going many more years, and enable it to become bigger and better,” she said.

“I can’t recommend volunteering enough.”

Anyone interested in volunteering with the Gladstone Harbour Festival can contact the Events Team on 07 4972 5111 or info@gladstonefestival.com.


We want to hear from you!

May 17-21 marks National Volunteer Week 2021, and we want to hear from you, our region’s volunteers.

Next month we will highlight the contribution of volunteers to our community by profiling a selection of our region’s best in Gladstone News.

Gladstone Region organisations can nominate a volunteer for selection by emailing news@gladstonenews.com.au by May 6.