Welcome to your better immunity

Welcome to your better immunity

We are so excited to support you with your immunity through winter this year!! In this time of COVID-19 and the continuing emergence of changes in the south of our great country, I think a bit of a view around the role of the human body and yourself in maintaining your immunity is paramount at this time.

We are pretty blessed in Central Queensland to have a mild winter, except for this morning ;), but it does go some way to allowing us to ensure we stay a bit healthier. So here are Dr Ali’s top tips for ensuring the immune health of yourself and your family for the next few months!

  1. SLEEP

I’m pretty sure that you are sick of me harping on about sleep, but it is so very important. In an article by the Mayo clinic, they state that if you don’t get good quality sleep or enough of it, can increase your chance of contracting a virus/bacteria when you are exposed to it. Sleep is also vital for recovery from illness. So ensuring you are trying to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night is great.


Vitamin D is an essential element to our immunity. The winter sun is the perfect time to get out and get those rays onto your skin. In the summer, it’s pretty easy to get our Vitamin D. In the winter, the warmth of the gentle sun (except possibly in the middle of the day) is just delightful. And being in nature is also one of the key ways to get our immunity happening!


Ensuring that you have an adequate food intake of the rainbow colours of food is really important. There are of course some foods than have an extra benefit. Naturally occurring whole food Vitamin C that is coupled with iron, think afresh Orange Juice and some big fat old spinach leaves, is a great way to boost it up. But all the colour is essential. Especially some of those red coloured veggies, think beetroot, pink dragon fruit, purple carrots, blueberries, all the cooked colours!


If you are anything like me in the winter, having adequate water intake is a bit tough. For me in the wintertime, I have 1 or 2 glasses of warm water straight away in the morning, before anything else. Then I have a bottle on my desk so that I’m constantly reminded, and I try to drink one before lunch, one after lunch, and then some in the evenings. That way I’m aiming to get above the 2L/day and ensure that I am adequately hydrated.


Taking a mindful minute is a key way to decrease stress. Stress is a known impact on the ability of our immune system to be at its best. Those pesky stress hormones, and more than that, the neurological cascade of stress in our system, shuts down(or slows down) a lot of the key elements of digestion, respiratory rate, and blood flow throughout the body, all having possible impacts on our immunity.

Consciously taking a minute, or 5 or 10 to connect back in, to realise the potential that you have and to just concentrate on your breath and your body… it’s like a magic moment for how you function, both inside and out!


When we get sick or feel the beginnings of this starting to kick in, there are a few well-researched vitamins we can take to support ourselves. Echinacea, zinc, garlic and Vitamin C are all well known for their benefits. I love the Bioceuticals Armaforce range, we stock it here at Innate, and use the junior for the kids, and sell the pregnancy version too. At home, I also have Olive Leaf Extract, and the Sambucol too.


Movement in our body can really help to keep our lymphatic system pumping. This system pumps through a lot of the waste products and gets them back to get out of our body via bowel/bladder/skin excretory systems. Regular movement is really great to help support this.

So that’s my wrap up of keeping our immunity up during this winter months. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me at your next visit!

Dr Ali.

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