Welcoming Jessica Melling to F45 Gladstone

Welcoming Jessica Melling to F45 Gladstone

Jessica took over ownership of Gladstone’s F45 in December last year.

Jessica has been involved in the health and fitness industry from a very young age, and is excited to bring a positive attitude to further build the community.

“I have been involved with team sports from a young age, mostly in with touch football. I’ve also played Rugby Union, Rugby League, and competed in figure competitions and powerlifting. I used to be a personal trainer, I have my Certificate IV in fitness, and I used to co-own and manage a Sport Nutrition Business,” said Mrs. Melling.

“I’m really passionate about F45; there’s some amazing results that you can achieve, and we have an awesome and supportive community. I’ve been a member myself since 2020, and now I’m incredibly excited to be taking over as the new owner. I can’t wait to work with a great team with a positive attitude, who are excited about helping others. I’m thrilled that I get to know more of our incredible members better, and help them achieve their goals.

“In the time following the pandemic, I think it’s become obvious that health and fitness are both extremely important; of course for our physical health but especially for our mental health. Increasing physical activity directly contributes to improved mental health, and better overall health and well-being. I just want to continue building on our great F45 community of staff and members.

“For those who have wanted to try F45 but haven’t, I can’t recommend it more. Our coaches are first-class and our community is supportive and friendly. There is no judgement or expectations, so you can go at your own pace. We welcome members of all ages and fitness levels!”

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