Photographic exhibition explores bittersweet transition.

Whether you are a retiree downsizing or a mortgagee whose home has been repossessed, preparing to move out after a lifetime of calling it your home can be a physically and emotionally draining process.

Local photographer William Debois is seeking participants for a photographic project that explores
the strong relationship that develops between people and their home.

His intention is to capture portraits of local people at the crucial time when the house, where they have lived for so long, is about to stop being their home.

The project was in part inspired by Will’s experience visiting his parents’ home in France upon the death of his mother earlier this year: “I realise now it’s probably that which triggered the idea. I took some photographs while I was there and the realisation came upon me that next time I go, I won’t be able to take pictures here again. It’s that feeling of ‘last chance to see,” he said.

“Leaving Home”, is funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund thanks to the Gladstone Regional Council and the Queensland Government.

Documenting the point of transition in a series of photographic portraits of 12 to 15 Gladstone Region homeowners, Will hopes once the project is completed the resulting photographs will become part of the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum’s contemporary collection.

He’s looking for resident homeowners within the Gladstone Region who are in the process of selling or vacating their property, where they have lived for two decades or more who will agree to take part.

“The subjects of community hardship, life changes, neighbourhood or simply of Gladstone’s living history seem to resonate deeply with many people. I really value these conversations.”

If you are interested in being a part of “Leaving Home”, or can help connect the artist with potential participants, or simply want to know more about the project, please call 0432204680 or email info@photopia-studio.com.

The artist is seeking:

• Resident homeowners to photograph within the Gladstone Region
• Properties already listed for sale or about to be listed for sale, or imminently vacated.
• At least 20 years of occupancy within the property being vacated.
• Personal belongings and furniture are still within the property being vacated.