World Science Festival Queensland

World Science Festival Queensland

Explore the Wonder of Why at World Science Festival Queensland

World Science Festival Queensland returns to Gladstone with a free Community Day on Saturday 21 March from 9 AM – 4:30 PM at GECC.

This year’s festival celebrates the Wonder of ‘Why’, with a program placing the spotlight on insightful conversations and an escape to new and entertaining experiences.

A fusion of fun and inspiring science demonstrations augmented reality experiences and science shows will be on display at the new City of Science.

Queensland Museum Network CEO Dr Jim Thompson said the success of World Science Festival Queensland in Gladstone has stemmed from the community’s enthusiasm for all things science.

“This is our fourth year hosting World Science Festival Queensland in Gladstone and it’s encouraging to know that people look forward to the festival every year.”

Shell’s QGC business Head of Digital Innovation Nikki Rankine said the festival is a unique learning opportunity to inspire local youth to become the STEM leaders of the future.

“The festival challenges the idea that science is locked away in a lab, it connects students to real-life STEM professionals and experiences,” Ms Rankine said.

Explore the City of Science

Take time out to explore the City of Science program, where leading researchers and local participants will be showcasing the wonder of science through activities and displays. Here is a taste of what will be on offer:

Shell-eco Marathon

See what students have achieved as part of of of the world’s leading energy-efficient competitions by designing and building ultra-energy-efficient cars and take them out on the track to compete using cutting-edge technology.


Overcome fear with fascination as Queensland Museum experts introduce you to the eight-legged world of spiders and arachnids.



It’s Rocket Science!

Aspiring young rocket engineers will experience the rush of adrenaline as they build and fly their very own rocket! Connect curiosity and creativity while learning about the science of rocketry and flight.

Cosmodome Science Theatre & Planetarium

Enter the immersive dome theatre for a truly exhilarating experience with objects appearing to zoom all around you.

 Scientific Illustration

Scientific illustrators meticulously illustrate and intercept specimens, concepts and processes that help us understand science, nature and the world around us. Get tips from an expert as you draw for an array of objects and taxidermy specimens.

Moulding and Casting

Discover the art of moulding and casting and learn to make replicas of animal tracks, fossils and more.