World Spine Day with Active Physio Health

World Spine Day with Active Physio Health

The spine, often referred to as the backbone of the human body plays a pivotal role in supporting our posture and facilitating movement.

When it comes to spine health, physiotherapy can assist in preventing, managing and treating various spinal conditions.

Ryan Berell, serving as the Physiotherapist at Active Physio Health, has generously shared insights on enhancing your spinal awareness in celebration of World Spine Day.

“The spine comprises thirty three individual bones, each playing a crucial role in facilitating our freedom of movement and comfort. It’s when the spine becomes immobile, stiff or stuck that we often encounter pain and discomfort,” explains Ryan.

Days like World Spine Day enable us to extend our reach, connecting not only with the individuals we are already assisting but also with potential newcomers who may benefit from our services,”

“People can enhance their understanding of spinal awareness and overall spinal health by engaging in conversations with suitable healthcare experts such as doctors, physiotherapists, and exercise physiologists,”

“It’s never too late to begin prioritising your spinal health. If you’re dealing with back pain, I encourage you to seek assistance, allowing you to lead a happier and healthier life,” encouraged Ryan.

APH’s Top Tips for Looking After Your Spine:

  • Stay active with regular exercise and stretching
  • Exercise physiology for spine health
  • Utilize spinal decompression techniques
  • Try taking a pilates class!
  • Stay hydrated and maintain a healthier diet
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