World Tourism Day 2023

World Tourism Day 2023

On the 27th of September every year, the world celebrates World Tourism Day. The reason for World Tourism Day is to cultivate and create awareness among the society globally on the significance of tourism and it’s social, political, financial and also cultural worth and value. Every year a theme is decided by the United Nations Tourism Organisation (UNTO) to celebrate World Tourism Day. This year marks the 43rd anniversary of WTD and this year’s theme is ‘Tourism and Green Investments’.

How can I celebrate World Tourism Day?

Treat a normal day like a vacation! In order to really get in the mood to celebrate, try taking a step back from your normal day to day routines and consider, “If I were a tourist for the day, what would I do?”.

By checking out your own turf through the eyes of a tourist, you’ll be able to not only support local businesses but you may be able to see your town from a new perspective!

Why is World Tourism Day Important?

It encourages international connections!

Travelling is one of the best ways to make new and meaningful connections with people from around the world. By learning about other cultures, we get the opportunity to appreciate their unique perspectives and stories, something that simply cannot be done by staying in our own bubble!

How can children get involved to celebrate?

WTD is a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about sustainable tourism practices and the importance of preserving the environment. Here are some creative and educational ideas for kids to celebrate this special day:

  • Arrange a mini cultural exchange event where kids can learn about different cultures, languages and traditions from around the world
  • Have kids create their own ecofriendly souvenirs using natural materials, this will help them understand the value of handmade items and reduces the demand for mass produced and environmentally harmful products
  • Encourage children come up with creative business ideas that promote sustainable tourism or contribute green investments. They can set up a small fair where they showcase their ideas and educate others about the importance of responsible travel!
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