Gladstone encounters a loud noise.

Gladstone encounters a loud noise.

So tonight something weird happened in Gladstone. Hundreds of reports of people seeing lights, hearing loud bang and feeling the earth move. We actually have video footage from a local lady Ellie who captured the flash on her security camera.

Just to clarify what we know so far..Higgins Storm Chaser on duty facebooker Thomas said contrary to the other media outlet in town saying it was an earthquake, he thinks it was not. Because science.

”There has been no quake detected on GeoScience Australia – however it could have been below M2.0 (GAS only shows >M2.0) and directly over town ~Thomas

Good on you Thomas and thanks for the info. Ot was apparently heard as far south as Hervey Bay and as far north as Yepooon.

Some of the more popular theories so far are:

  • It was a meteorite
  • The Gladstone property market decided to ‘boom’ again
  • A Chinese space station that’s lost control
  • Aliens invading our Baked Beans stash
  • The Fresh prince started to shake the room

So we will keep you updated. And leave you with this old bad boy…

Gladstone Earthquake Meme

This old bad boy had to make an appearance.