Yarwun Funky Chicken Farm

Yarwun Funky Chicken Farm

Marcus and Bailey Guerassimoff are not your typical 14 and 12 year olds. Living out at Yarwun they have had the privilege of growing up on a farm and getting to work and play with animals every day.

20160405_122327-1-1Breeding, and cross-breeding chickens to get interesting looking chicks was always a hobby of theirs, but soon they realised that many others shared their love for hens. A few months ago the boys decided to start selling their aptly named ‘Funky Chickens’ and set up a Facebook page.

Facebook messages started coming in and now they have a number of customers venturing out to their ‘Funky Chicken Farm’ to have a look around the farm and buy their unusual, bizzare and wacky looking chickens. They have a number of interesting cross-breeds as well as pure bred Silkies. Their chickens have become quite popular and the boys even had a number for sale recently at the Mount Larcom Show.

IMG_20160622_111615The young entrepreneurs have been hard at work to make the farm an exciting place for visitors, even designing and erecting their ‘Funky Chicken Farm’ sign by themselves. Their end goal – opening the farm up to groups, kindies and schools to learn about the farm and pet and feed the animals! They are currently in the process of organising all the necessary approvals to be able to share their hobby with everyone.

Up until now Marcus and Bailey have been hatching their own chicks, however they have recently introduced an incubator which will be very exciting for their business. Chickens range from ‘day old’ to 4 weeks, and 5 weeks to point of lay and onwards. Marcus and Bailey say all the chickens make great pets and will also lay plenty of eggs. Check out their Facebook page for more awesome photos and information on how you can pick up a Funky Chicken, and updates on their progress to get the farm up and running for visitors.

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