Reunion – Gladstone State High Class of 1982

Reunion – Gladstone State High Class of 1982

Coordinated by Sharon White (Irons) and Sue Isbell, from a working list of 121 students, they found everyone, with the exception of three.

Past students were living overseas and scattered throughout Australia but the majority were still living in Queensland. Fifty-two guests attended (including partners) travelling from Melbourne, Canberra, Gladstone, Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast, Emerald, and Brisbane.

The 1982 Gladstone State High School students have always been a very close group and have a strong bond.  They have now had three big reunions since leaving school, celebrating 10, 25 and 35 years.

Both School Captains from the Year 12 class in 1982, Cathy McKewen (Jones) and Peter Ganter, were in attendance and they cut the celebration cake and addressed the function. Past students, Lee Lyon and Sandy Dunne (Miller) also spoke about their thoughts on the class and what it meant to them. The group viewed a PowerPoint presentation that had photos from both year 11 and 12 schooling events, prom, excursions etc. Tribute was paid to those who have passed away: namely Scott Claridge and Helen O’Sullivan.

Sharon (Irons) White said: “I was looking forward to, not only seeing all these wonderful people but also hearing their stories.  Some I had not seen for ten, twenty-five or thirty-five years.”

“It was a hugely successful reunion and the warmth and friendship on the night were overwhelming. We are all hoping to get together again in the future, and not wait another ten years!” she said.

Present at the reunion were: Jo Abel, Don Anderson, Sue McIntosh (Anderson), Sandy Ryan (Benn), Colin Bettridge, Leigh Anne Chester (Briggs), Scott Champion, Brian Coffey, Lee Cornell, Alan Costin, Janine Sorrenson (Crowley), Ellen Eastwood (Davis), Helen De Jong, Penny Thompson (Edwards), Peter Ganter, Kim Gebbie, Janelle Pirie (Glasby), Stephen Goodwin, Michelle Hall, Brian Healy, Angela May (Heinrich), Dianne Feldman (Hill), Sharon White (Irons), Sue Isbell, Cathy McKewen (Jones), Cathy Briant (Kirk), ,Jonathon Lamb, Michael Laver, Steven Lomas, Stewart Lowden, David Lowry, Lee Lyon, Sandy Dunne (Miller), Denise Badman (O’Neil), Gary Pascoe, Toni Bonnick (Pashley), Terri Stafford (Robertson), Debbie Norton (Ross), Gail Wakeling (Scanlon), Ross Shannon, Silvia Snuderl (Torrisi), Robert Trout, Allan Unie and Lillian Wynguards.