Capricorn Film Festival offers equipment hire for filmmakers

Capricorn Film Festival offers equipment hire for filmmakers

With an increase in interest in filmmaking locally since the inception of the Capricorn Filmfest in 2015, the festival is now offering equipment rentals to regional artists.

A spike in regional artists wanting to create content but with limited facilities prompted the move by Capricorn Film Festival founder and director, Luke Graham.

“We understand that creating content is quite an expensive process and if we can assist our artists in creating theirs at an affordable price, we have done our job” he said.

An added incentive for filmmakers will be strongly discounted rates on facilities:

“CQ filmmakers who are creating films for the Capricorn Film Festival and others will receive a heavy discount aimed to them produce high-quality content at an affordable price,” Luke said.

Facilities include video cameras, lenses, grips, lighting and sound equipment.

More information on facilities and rental instructions can be found here: