Carmel Stanley 40 years of love and passion for music welcomes new students

Carmel Stanley 40 years of love and passion for music welcomes new students

FOR more than 40 years, renowned music teacher Carmel Stanley has been striking the right chord with children in the Gladstone performing arts community.

Dedicated to making music accessible to all and instilling in a deep understanding and love of its classical and modern genres, Carmel is indefatigable in her determination to keep sparking the passion in the next generation of performers.

Through the years she has shared the gift of music with hundreds of students, and her enthusiasm remains undimmed.

“The joy and love I have for teaching is my motivation every day,” Mrs Stanley, a founding member and current president of the Gladstone Eisteddfod Association, said.

“Whether it is someone learning for pleasure, exams or competing in the local eisteddfod, I want every student to explore and enjoy what they do and find a friend for life in music.

“And to my delight, I have found that the friendships I have made transcend the generations with many children of former students carrying on the family tradition at the Carmel Stanley School of Music.”

Carmel believes the music scene in Gladstone is more vibrant than ever, with students now realising the opportunities that a solid background in the performing arts can bring.

“Keyboard skills are always in demand industry-wide,” she said.

“And singing can take you from a cruise ship to centre stage to cutting your own record or just leading the chorus of Happy Birthday among friends.

“All it takes is talent, belief, and yes, a little time for practice.”

This year, Carmel welcomes back her daughter Dianne to Gladstone as an associate teacher.

“Many people will remember Dianne from her early involvement with music in the town and I hope she will be embraced as part of the future of the Carmel Stanley School of Music,” she said.

“I know she looks forward to meeting new faces and starting students on their wonderful musical journey.”