Dental Health Week: August 1st to 7th

Dental Health Week: August 1st to 7th

This is the week that’s all about teeth! Read below to learn a bit more about how to take care of your dental health every day, not just this week, and keep your smile for life! 


  1. Brush your teeth twice daily with a fluoride-based toothpaste. This will ensure that any leftover food or bad bacteria is removed, leaving your teeth clean, healthy and cavity-free!


  1. Floss at least once a day. Flossing helps keep those hard-to-reach places clean, and helps keep any plaque build up at bay. 


  1. Limit your sugar intake. We might love eating sugary foods, but unfortunately sugar loves eating away at our teeth. Try and limit sugar intake, and by doing so you’ll limit your risk of getting cavities! 


  1. Make sure you see a dentist regularly. A six-monthly check up is usually recommended, but if you’re not sure, just ask your dentist next time you’re there! 


  1. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables. Some healthy crunchy foods can actually help to promote good dental health. Foods such as apples, carrots, cucumbers, pears and celery can help clean your teeth, thanks to their abrasive texture. The science behind it is essentially that these raw fruits and vegetables require a lot of chewing, which stimulates the flow of saliva.