“Ferocious” competition in docket offer wins Rosella $5000

“Ferocious” competition in docket offer wins Rosella $5000


Rosella Students Hit the Road with Five Grand from Stockland

“Winning this prize money is the point where we started saying: Yes, we can do this.”

Stockland Gladstone announced the winner of its School Rewards program last week presenting a cheque for a cool five thousand dollars to Rosella Park School.

Competition for first prize was ‘ferocious’ with participating schools encouraging their community to photograph and upload their Stockland receipts to score a chance of the prize money.

“Our P&C Committee is amazing,” Acting Principal Chrissie Hansen said. “We got right on board with the rewards program and we were really determined to win. Things got a bit competitive towards the finish.”

The remaining prizes were won by Gladstone Central State School ($2500) and Gladstone West State School ($1000).

Ms Hansen says they will put the money towards a small car to transport students to and from work experience.

“For us our learning happens best in the environment where it naturally takes place. So you could say the community is our outdoor learning environment,” Ms Hansen said.

Senior transition officer, Regan Kopelke has established partnerships with several local businesses including Little Bloom Room, Savour the Flavour, the Night Owl convenience store, Pat’s Tackle World and the major supermarket chains to provide work experiences to Rosella’s senior classes.

“No longer is it so that people think: “oh you’ve got a disability, you’ll be a trolley pusher” our kids are everywhere…so that when they leave at the end of Grade 12 they’ve got a pathway to employment; the car will help us so much with that,” Acting Principal Hansen said. “We’re so grateful to Stockland for the prize.”

“You’ll often see us out at Stockland, the kids do so much on their practical maths skills, accessing the ATMs and all the shopping, but unfortunately the public transport isn’t reliable enough to get everywhere, so being able to get the kids out and about is difficult.”

Rosella has mini-buses for student transport but focussing on individual student pathways for the seniors mean that often only two or three students need to be given a lift at any one time.

Georgia works at Little Bloom Room once a week, preparing their range of giftware and bottles for floral arrangements for sale.

She is supported by Carmel Pitt, who says the car will also help support workers who generally use their own vehicles to transport students: “That means you need to allow for that in your insurance and not everyone is able to manage that,” she said.

“People here have just been so incredibly lovely and they are happy to work in with Georgia. She’s small in stature so they’ve provided her with spaces suitable for her so she can work,” she said.