Flynn in Focus with Ken O’Dowd

Flynn in Focus with Ken O’Dowd

On Thursday 19th April, I attended a stakeholders meeting in Gladsdtone held by Damon Cavalchini NBN local manager – Southern Queensland.

Damon and I were joined by a number of community and industry representatives with further community discussion sessions currently being planned. One of the key topics discussed was the new research which as found our Coalition GOvernment’s faster, more affordable rollout of the National Broadband Network is delivering more bandwidth than comsumers currently require with the provision for Australians to upgrade their bandwidth into the future.

The report, “Demand for fixed-line broadband in Australia by the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research (BCAR) has forecast that 98 per cent of Australian households will require broadband speeds of up to 49 megabits per second to meet their usage requirements eight years from now.

The coalition government’s rollout will ensure 90 per cent of the NBN fixed-line footprint will deliver download speeds above 50 Mbps and all premises will be able to receive peak wholesale speeds of at least 25 Mbps by 2020.

Today, Australians are using between a third and a half of the NBN’s capacity for entertainment services such as on-demand video. Netflix recommends a connection speed of ONLY 5 Mbps to stream high-definition video, and 25 Mbps to stream large screen 4K video. Thanks to the Coalition’s more affordable rollout, the NBN is providing Australians with more broadband bang for their buck, and higher bandwidth than the majority of users require. NBN introduced new discounted pricing and more capacity in December which has seen network congestion drop from nearly 5 hours per month to just 12 minutes per month.

Today, the average NBN connection downloads just under 200 GB of data per month, almost 100 times as much as the average downloaded over mobile devices (at around 2 GB per month). While consumers enjoy the advantages of mobility, this report highlights the role of fixed networks in meeting Australian households’ growing appetite for more data. Anyone wishing to learn more about the NBN rollout go to or download the demand for fixed line broadband report from