Free Interior Design on offer at Flooring Xtra Gladstone

Free Interior Design on offer at Flooring Xtra Gladstone

IT’S one of the most important design decisions you’ll make about your home so it pays to choose your flooring carefully.

But with new products hitting the market, knowing which type of flooring best suits your family and your space can be confusing.

“One of the most important things to consider when selecting flooring is the function of the room,” says Lucy Carter, design specialist at Flooring Xtra Gladstone.

“What will the space be used for, and what kind of foot traffic is it likely to receive? After that, maintenance is a key consideration and of course, the look and feel of flooring are crucial for creating a home you love.”

Before selecting carpet, Jenine Quinn, Flooring Xtra Interior Designer says you should think about the type of carpet and fibre best suited to your space.

“High-traffic areas where some carpets can wear out would require a certain type, like loop carpet or a tightly tufted cut pile,” she says.

Flooring Xtra has recently increased investment in skilled staff bringing on Lucy and Jenine, who are both qualified interior designers; Pair that with the man who knows all about flooring installation, Bobby, and it’s a team who really understand how to do the best job with your home.

Lucy speaks with clients every day who are delighted to find that she is a qualified and experienced interior designer, who can help make the best choice from products they had not previously known about, which have saved them money.

“Vinyl planks are a fantastic way to achieve a stylish and modern look without breaking the bank — it’s amazing how real the flooring panels look too,” says Lucy.

“It’s the most scratch resistant of all flooring choices so is suitable for heavy-duty applications such as lounge areas and can be replaced by the panel, so it’s a great cost effective solution. Gone are the days you have to rip up the whole floor, it’s just a one-piece replacement if damage occurs so landlords are loving this option for investment properties.”

Flooring Xtra are leading the market within the Gladstone Region. If you’d like to see the showroom and have a free design consultation, you can find them at  20 Gladstone Benaraby Rd, Toolooa or call 4972 0808