From the Henhouse

From the Henhouse

“Look at him put those tasties in the garden – ooh let me at ‘em,” said Floss greedily.

“l’ll make short work of them I tell yer,” said Penny licking her beak.

“Quiet you two or he’ll hear you and he’ll never let us out,” whispered Julia. She’s the smart one – smart for, what are after all, bird-brains.

What they were eying off were rows of new seedlings that l had just planted. They must look very tempting all lined up like that. Any of the madams would pick them off one by one in much the same way we would munch our way along a corn cob.

At this time of year you plant the small seeds mainly (the cooler months when you plant the vegies that mature through our winter and spring) either as seedlings or seed. So far this year I’ve put in such things as carrots, lettuce, brassicas, beets and beetroot.

So rip out the old, spent plants, fork or spade your garden and toss in the compost you made over the summer months, add some pelletised chooks poo and blood and bone. Work it into the soil and moisten. A day or two later you can start planting.


Now here is this week’s recycling tip

Those empty punnets and the tags can be put to good use this way. Remove the tag from its original position and put it back the other way. Fill the punnet with soil and place it as a marker next to the seedlings you’ve just planted.