MenTER – Men Towards Equal Relationships – Changing beliefs, attitudes and behaviours

MenTER – Men Towards Equal Relationships – Changing beliefs, attitudes and behaviours

The Men Towards Equal Relationships (MenTER) program is designed for men who are committed to changing their patterns of abusive behaviour. MenTER is an opportunity for men to gain new skills that can stop destructive behaviours and abusive reactions. The program highlights domestic violence at its roots by addressing the attitudes, beliefs and actions that contribute to domestic violence. The behavioural change program was first launched by Gladstone Women’s Health Centre (GWHC) in 2018. To safeguard the security of all GWHC program users the MenTER program is not held at GWHC but at PCYC.  

Through twice-weekly sessions over ten weeks, the program covers topics such as understanding what violence and abuse is, the difference between anger and domestic violence, personal responses to domestic violence, accepting responsibility for behaviour and strategies toward building healthy relationships. The program will also teach men how to handle strong emotions and conflict with understanding, confidence and self-control. 

MenTER is open to men who acknowledge they need to change and are willing to do so. Participants do not have to be referred through official channels. Men who are considering enrolment are required to attend an initial interview to discuss suitability for the program. Intake interviews are conducted by a qualified facilitator and allow us to understand each person’s situation and explain the program in more detail. The program is free of charge.  

For more information and/or to register: 

T: 0490 056 112