National Water Week: Eliminating water waste together

National Water Week: Eliminating water waste together


Since a Low Supply Alert Declaration was issued in April, dam levels have continued to fall with capacity now below 50%.

Gladstone Area Water Board Chief Executive Officer Darren Barlow says with summer just around the corner, National Water Week is a great time to conduct an audit of household and business water consumption.

“There’s plenty of reasons why your water usage might be higher than expected but there’s usually some common causes,” Mr Barlow says.

Mr Barlow provides some pointers on how we can all be more mindful of water use this summer.


Seasonal variations

The way we use water and the amount consumed usually varies depending on the time of year.

“Traditionally, we use more water during the Spring/Summer months than during Autumn/Winter,” Mr Barlow says.

“When it’s warmer, we tend to do more of the activities that use water, such as watering the garden, filling our pools and having extra showers.

“It’s really important to think about how we can do so mindfully. Be it shorter showers; watering by hand at set times or installing a pool cover. There are plenty of options out there.”


More people at your property

Visitors, new tenants or an increase in the number of residents at your home can lead to higher water usage.

“Having one extra visitor stay can increase your household’s daily water usage by almost 168 litres per person per day,” Mr Barlow says.

“Take the time as a household to come up with a plan to be more sustainable.”


Hidden leaks
Sometimes an increase in your water use could be due to a hidden leak.

Leaks that are hidden underground in pipes or in faulty plumbing and fixtures (such as leaking toilets) can go undetected for a long time.

“Did you know some leaks waste more than 2,000 litres of water a day?” Mr Barlow says.

That’s why it’s so important to read your water meter and check for leaks regularly.

Check how many litres of water you use in your normal day-to-day activities

Did you know:
• Almost a quarter of water usage happens in the shower?
• A dual full flush on your toilet uses double the water compared to a
dual half flush?
• A top loader washing machine uses 2.5 times more water than a front loader?


National Water Week is celebrated in the third week of October every year.

National Water Week aims to inspire individuals, communities and organisations to build awareness around the value of water.

GAWB has partnered with Port Curtis Harbour Watch for the Boyne Valley Catchment Crawl on Tuesday, 25 October.

Come along and learn more about why healthy waterways and a healthy Lake Awoonga Catchment is so important to our region.


How water efficient is your home?

Do you know how much water your household uses?

A home water audit can help.

By monitoring how much water you use and fixing leaks promptly, you can save water and money.

Consider these four key questions when assessing how water efficient your home is:

1. How much water we use?
2. Where do we use water?
3. Do you have any leaks?
4. Are your appliances water efficient?

To learn more about home water efficiency, visit the Smart Approved WaterMark website: