Regional Economies could fly high on Bio-Fuels Industry

Regional Economies could fly high on Bio-Fuels Industry

Queensland’s regional economies could be flying high on Biofuels Industry 

Gladstone’s emerging biofuels industry could reap the benefits following the conclusion of a biofuels trial in Queensland’s aviation sector. 

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced last week that commercial airlines, including Virgin Australia, had successfully introduced biofuels into their supply chains at Brisbane Airport. 

Member for Gladstone, Glenn Butcher praised the Premier’s foresight in championing the biofuels industry in regional areas like Gladstone. “At the opening of Yarwun’s Northern Oil Advanced Pilot Plant last year, the Premier talked about her vision for a sustainable, export-oriented biofuels sector for the State. This announcement brings us one step closer to realising that vision. The Palaszczuk Government is just two years into a 10-year Action Plan and Road Map to develop our biofuels industry and, once again, Gladstone will be a major winner as we’re already at the forefront, just as we were with the LNG industry. We know that adding biofuels to the aviation fuel supply chain puts Queensland in the big league when it comes to developing our biofuels industry,” Mr Butcher said.  

State Development Minister Cameron Dick said that a billion litres of fuel were used at Brisbane Airport each year and, across the nation, more than eight billion litres of fuel was used. 

Mr Butcher said these statistics were promising for the region “If 50 per cent of that was made up of biofuels – and that’s a very realistic figure – imagine what it will mean to Queensland’s economy and to the economy right here in our region of Gladstone. Investment in the industries of the future equates to creating the jobs of the future and those jobs are going to be created right here.”