Rainforest Revamp at Tannum Sands Kindergarten

TSK Cleanup

Rainforest Revamp at Tannum Sands Kindergarten

Rainforest Cleanup

Rainforest Revamp at Tannum Sands Kindergarten

Boyne Tannum Rotary Club and Boyne Tannum Scouts have joined forces to launch phase one of a rainforest garden revitalisation project at Tannum Sands Kindergarten.

The Rotary Club recently approached the Kindergarten to see if they could assist with projects that were on the to-do list. Kindergarten Maintenance Co-Ordinator Luke Slavin was more than happy to let the Rotary Club loose on the rainforest garden, which needed a bit of attention.

“The garden has become a bit overgrown, so the kids don’t spend a lot of time playing in that area at the moment,” Luke said. “This is a wonderful opportunity to develop our outdoor learning space. The kindergarten appreciates the help.”

Boyne Tannum Rotary Club President, Wendy Brading, said “this was a great opportunity for our club to rope in some help from the Boyne Tannum Scouts. We have worked together on planting trees previously, so we were confident they would be keen to help out – and what a terrific group of young community members we have there!”

The next stage of the project will be to install garden edging, add some new plants and mulch the garden. “We can’t wait to see what the rainforest garden will look like when we are finished,” Wendy said. “We have a couple of little surprises in store for the children, so we are looking forward to seeing what they think of it as well.”