“Smoke on the Water” on cigar box guitar at Agnes Blues Roots…

“Smoke on the Water” on cigar box guitar at Agnes Blues Roots…

Travel to different magical worlds using only four chords, and learn how to play the “Smoke on the Water” riff on the cigar box guitar at two very special performer workshops available this year at the Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock Festival.

The artists hosting this year’s unique and inspiring workshops are from two very diverse poles in music:

On Saturday morning, 17th February at 9 am, Nigel McTrustry will run a 1-hour workshop on everything Cigar Box Guitar related. As a builder, teacher and performer, Nigel will talk about how to play a 3-string-slide, fretless cigar box guitar, share building and tuning tips, and his love of cigar box guitars.

This unique, fun instrument with a big sound and history steeped in the blues is experiencing a resurgence with the movement continuing to grow.

Nigel says: “They’re addictive to play and build, and the music is stripped back and raw. CBGs are a brilliant instrument for the complete beginner to advanced musos looking for a new sound on their palette. It’s about keeping it simple and not getting complicated. And, of course, I’ll show the ‘Smoke on the Water’ riff.”

Bring your own instrument (cigar box guitar or regular 6 string) and a slide. There will be a few of Nigel’s CBGs to try on the day also. The how-to-play part of the workshop will also be a great introduction to playing slide guitar. Be inspired to build your own instrument and join the cigar box guitar revolution!

All Strings Attached will present Around the World on the Four Chord Express on Sunday 18th February at 9am.

Bring along your favourite instrument and let All Strings Attached lead you on a trip to several different musical worlds using only four chords. This workshop demonstrates the different musical styles of popular music through the ages from the swampy bluegrass bayou, all the way to the hills of Ireland and back to the white sand of Cuba.

All Strings Attached’s music draws together numerous unlikely folk music traditions and seamlessly weaves them together with punk, polka and progressive rock. The melting pot of influences that infuse their music can be stripped back to the roots, and at the essence is often based on simple chord structures that can be applied across a range of musical genres. The band will demonstrate a medley of popular songs all woven together and based on four common chords.

The workshop is highly interactive, with participants lead through a range of styles and the basic theory and playing technique that forms the unique and easily recognisable sound of a number of musical traditions.  With three professional music teachers in the band, this session is aimed at all levels of playing ability and can be applied to almost any instrument. Show us what ya got on Sunday 18th February, at 9 am with All Strings Attached.

Both workshops are held at the Festival grounds and cost $20 to attend.

Numbers are strictly limited so book now to avoid disappointment