The Gladstone News team love a good smoothie to start the day. Here are some of our favorites

Beetroot Smoothie Bowl  

This simple recipe is delicious on a hot day! Beetroot is high in fibre plus helps maintains healthy nerve and muscle function. While raspberries help with anti-ageing, normalise blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy heart! 
1/4 x cup beetroot – you can use canned if this is more convenient
1/2 x cup frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries & blackberries)
1/4 x cup almond milk 
1 x T honey 
1 x T chia seeds  


Blend everything in your blender  

Pour into serving bowl & top with selection of fresh berries, seeds & nuts  

We love using fresh raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, puffed quinoa & chia seeds for a little crunch. 


Mint & Lime Mock Mojito

To make this zesty treat you will need:
1-2 cups coconut water 
2 x limes 
2 x T coconut sugar 
Handful fresh Mint
1 x cup ice cubes  

Add the coconut water, coconut sugar, ice, 1 x cut up lime plus juice of the other and mint into your blender. Blend to combine, pour into your glass of choice and enjoy!