Social Inclusion Week – Crowdfunding

Social Inclusion Week – Crowdfunding

During Social Inclusion Week a Crowdfunding information session will be delivered at the CQU Foyer from 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm on 28 November. We find out more about what crowdfunding is.

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding’s a way to raise capital effectively from friends, family, customers, investors and corporations. If you had to rely on just your own contacts to chip in, you mightn’t raise much. But Crowdfunding and the magic of social media and the internet give you access to thousands of people who can see, interact and engage with you, and possibly even support you with money. How good would that be?

How does it work? You post your idea, support it with good reason and a business case, it gets shared with investors through the Crowdfunding platform and as many friends and family as you can. Crowds turn into supporters by registering their interest by promising to contribute money if you reach your target.

Why’s it important? From little things, big things grow, right? In a world where bank and government funding are harder to get unless you’ve got the one ‘big idea’, before Crowdfunding, lots of great ideas and projects never saw the light of day. Now, in a world that requires constant innovation, that innovation can be rewarded by access to support from people who already believe in you and want to help.

Much of Crowdfunding’s success is based on getting attention. Marketing is at the core of that. The workshop presenters, Cooper McKenzie, are marketing boffins, and have also dabbled in crowdfunding assignments for charity fundraising and business start-ups, with varying degrees of success. They want to share that learning with you.

What to expect from the session? How to package your idea, what Crowdfunding platform best suits your idea, how to target your idea to an audience that will like your idea, setting targets and deadlines and using resources that surround you to reach as many willing investors as possible.