St Francis – Catholic Primary School

St Francis – Catholic Primary School

St Francis Catholic Primary School

St Francis Catholic Primary SchoSt Francis2ol opened in January 2005 with a strong emphasis on developing an ethos of compassion and care, and opportunity for educational excellence in a Christian environment. A Franciscan Spirituality has been adopted, with a culture also embracing the Indigenous heritage of this region.

St Francis has transitioned into a consolidated school with magnificent resources to enable future growth, with year levels Prep to Year 6. The school has Instrumental Music and Performing Arts culminating in a whole school musical every second year, in addition to choir groups, and a school band. There are extensive sports programs available for teams and individuals, and outdoor education such as camps, swimming, life-St Francissaving and excursions. St Francis also boasts comprehensive environmental science and sustainability education, in addition to information and communication technologies being integrated into learning. The culture of compassion and love is embedded in the school, and the characteristics and values of St Francis are embraced by students, staff and families.

“Catholic Education is an environment that promotes the Catholic values and morals to those within our school and wider community, as well as focus on the academic, physical, emotional and social development of children. St Francis offers educational excellence where the needs of each child are catered for.”

Mrs Kathleen Watt (Principal)

What does St Francis offer?St Francis4

• Making Jesus Real

• Educational excellence in all subject areas

• 21st Century learners ready for the future

• Problem solvers, analytical thinkers, communicators

• Strong relationships with family, school and parish

“St Francis provides a comprehensive education for my children, blending Australian curriculum subjects, Catholic morals, plus music/arts, environmental and IT opportunities. My children are genuinely happy to go to school every day, and the community feel at St Francis is very tangible.”

Mrs Carmel McErlain (School Board Member)


Phone: (07) 4973 3600