To Tinder or Not to Tinder? A moment in the life of a Modern Single.

To Tinder or Not to Tinder? A moment in the life of a Modern Single.

I’m just waiting for a mate….

Gone are the days that you get all dressed up, find a ‘squad’ to go out with and head out to meet that perfect single stranger that’s just sitting at the bar waiting to smile at you and offer a drink. It is a myth and doesn’t exist! Now you can date in your finest pair of gym pants while eating ice-cream on the couch! Attitudes to online dating is now positive and a lot more relaxed and less ‘weird’ than it used to be. It’s actually  almost the ‘norm’ to meet online. Those American university studies that no one ever heard about show that one in five couples meet online. So we decided to give love a chance, and downloaded Tinder to check out how Gladstone’s singles like to mingle.

Sorry, did you say Tinder?

If you are under 50 and not living under a rock you’ve probably heard about Tinder. This amazing app has created a lot of buzz around the world with a very simple mechanism: it shows you, one by one, photos of women and men, depending your sexual preference, that are geographically close to you and between a selected age range. If you don’t like what you see, you swipe left; if you do, right; and if the other person fancies you too, you have a match!

Swiping in Gladstone

When I started using the app I had my reservations: how many singles are in the 4680 area? And in case there are more than a few, don’t they all know each other? But luckily I was wrong. It’s true that most of the profiles had a lot in common. Everyone around loves fishing, dirt bikes and outdoor sports. But apart from that, after talking for a little bit with every match I had I found out a lot of amazing stories and different backgrounds.

Some have been here there whole lives, others came a few years ago with a job or running after a high school sweetheart. Some had recently finished long relationships and want to have fun; others, to find that special someone and settle down. We even came across some local celebrities whose name we can’t give. But give it a try and I’m sure you will find them too.

I would like to … but what will my friends say?

Every day there is less ‘weirdness’ around dating sites or meeting online. But if you are still worried about what your group might think, show them the app and let them play too. Strange as it might sound, it’s really fun to check out the goods and debate about the photos while you are in a group. Who knows, maybe your mates can help you pick the right prospect. Hopefully they won’t swipe right to your dream date too.

Ok… you convinced me! How do I start?

Just download the app and start creating your profile, choose some cute pics and you are ready to go. The best thing about this dating sites is that instead of bearing the pain of meaningless dates, you can be who you are and get to discover a lot of things in common with people far away from your usual circles. You can focus in one chat or talk with everyone at the same time, as much as you want, until you feel is time for giving them your number or arrange a date.

Hope for the best and…

We’ve all had bad dates in the past and Tinder won’t be the exception, but there are some tricks that can help in those situations.

One good tip is telling to your future date that you have to meet with some friends after, but you still can hang out for an hour or two. If you are not enjoying yourself, you have the perfect excuse to politely run away; and if you are having fun.. well! Nothing easier than cancel a none existent plan. However, you have to always be careful. If you go out with a stranger, let a friend know about your plans, where are you going and with whom. The best way of having a good time is taking care of yourself. Gladstone has plenty of fish in the sea, it’s time to hook up!

Have you tried Tinder or other dating apps? Let us know how it was or share a Tinder love story?