Trending And Timeless Winter Home Styling Tips

Trending And Timeless Winter Home Styling Tips

A handful of dreary or cold days is the perfect opportunity to bring warm tones and textures into your home.


Warm, earthy tones like olive, terracotta, cream and even dusty pink can help to soften the feeling of frozen fingertips on a July morning. Bring these colours into your home with a rug, blanket, cushions, or other soft textiles. Softer, cooler colours are known to be better in the bedroom (try navy, or moss green) to help you relax and unwind, and bring some brighter, warmer colours into your living areas (like tangerine or caramel) to make you feel cosy during a cold morning or afternoon.


Winter styling at the moment is all about bringing soft textures into your home, to keep the warmth inside. Textured fabrics like boucle and linen are especially lovely, creating an organic softness, and retaining body temperature so you don’t get a draught. Doesn’t a soft boucle chair topped with a linen throw sound dreamy?


Lighting is an incredibly important part of a home. Too little can feel cold, and too much can feel clinical- different rooms call for different levels of lighting. Try soft lamps in the bedroom, and refrain from using big overhead lights before bed. Floor lamps in the living room are amazing, and make sure you put them where you need the most light-you’ll need more light if there’s a spot you like to read, and less near the T.V so you don’t get glare. Sunlight is important too- while the mornings are colder, it might be worth moving some furniture around to soak up as much sun as possible.


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