A Guide To Winter Gardens + Soil Care Tips

A Guide To Winter Gardens + Soil Care Tips

Wondering what to plant this Winter to brighten up your yard and lift your mood? Have a read of these wonderful plants that will keep you cheery for all of July.


Gladstone’s warmer Winter weather means that Petunias are perfect for planting year-round. They’ll enjoy the cooler sunshine in July, but move them into a slightly shaded spot once the weather starts to warm up.


Pansies thrive in cooler temperatures, and will appreciate full or partial sun in Winter. Once Summer rolls around though, make sure you move them out of the afternoon sun.


Thanks to the little risk of frost here in the Gladstone Region, Marigolds will be able to thrive year-round. Plant them in a spot with well-draining soil and full sun, and they’re sure to keep your garden golden all Winter long!


Carrots will thrive in a garden all year round, and are sure to taste better if you grow them yourself. Make sure they have loose, well-draining soil and full sun to part shade.


Broccoli enjoys a nice sunny spot in cooler weather. Make sure you water it regularly! Broccoli likes a rich, slightly acidic soil, with plants about half a metre apart.


Soil Care Tips

  1. Cover with mulch- covering plants with mulch can not only help protect them from frost, but it can also help them retain water on warmer, dry days.
  2. Compost- composting is probably a bit of an obvious solution, but the benefits it has on your soil are unmatched. Soil is alive with microorganisms that establish complex symbiotic relationships with the root systems of all your plants. Therefore, compost acts as food for these microorganisms, making your plants super happy!
  3. Encourage earthworms- earthworms break down organic matter into nutrients and minerals that plants can eat!
  4. Use manure- it’s super easy to find somewhere that will sell you bags of manure for your garden. It helps to condition your soil, retaining moisture levels and increasing soil carbon.
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