The 2019 Gladstone Careers Expo is coming up, giving students in the region a chance to explore future careers pathways. The expo is run by Education Queensland Industry Partnership (EQIP Gladstone), a not-for-profit organisation which serves as a link between high schools, industry, local businesses and the community.

•When: Wednesday 8th May 8.30am-3pm
•Who: Students in years 9 to 12 from all schools in the region – FREE entry
•Where: CQUniversity Marina Campus, Leo Zussino Building, Bryan Jordan Drive, Gladstone
•How: organise attendance with your senior school coordinator

Nicole Allison, EQIP Operations Manager said this year’s expo has 36 exhibitors on hand to discuss career pathway opportunities for students, after finishing school. “The purpose of the event is to provide students with an understanding of what skills, qualifications, experience and results they need to get in subjects, and what they need to do now while they’re at school to get better prepared for when they start looking for opportunities,” Ms Allison said.

“There is a focus on local employment opportunities so students can remain in the region and contribute to the economic growth of Gladstone,” she explained. “There are many career and study options available that they may not be aware of, or know how to pursue.  We have a large and diverse range of organisations exhibiting at the event – from Universities and Student Accommodation providers, Local Business and Industry, Government organisations such as the Defence Force and Police Recruiting, and community service providers for youth and jobseekers. If students know what their goal is after school, I believe it will help them apply themselves to their studies knowing that they are on the right track and working towards that goal,” Ms Allison added.

For more information about the 2019 Gladstone Careers Expo check out https://gladstonecareersexpo.com/

Level 1 – Grand Court
 EQIP Gladstone
 Gladstone Ports Corporation
 Gladstone Regional Council
 NRG Gladstone Power Station
 CQUniversity
 APM Employment Services
 H&R Block
 Busy at Work
 Community Solutions

Level 2 – Mezzanine
 OCTEC Employment Services
 Australian Child Care Career Options (ACCCO)
 James Cook University
 Student One Accommodation
 University of Queensland
 Urbanest Student Accommodation
 Griffith College
 Iglu Student Accommodation
 JMC Academy
 Queensland University of Technology
 SDS Training
 Raymont Residential College

Level 1 – Dining Room
 McCosker Contracting
 Rio Tinto Yarwun
 Boyne Smelters Limited
 Ergon Energy
 Queensland Alumina Limited
 Programmed Skilled Workforce
 ConocoPhillips

Level 1 – Outdoor Area
 Police Recruiting
 Defence Force Recruiting
 Gladstone Area Water Board
 Live Better (Excel Care)
 Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC)
 Roseberry QLD