GN: What is your business? 

A: Khonnect conducts workshops for students, unemployed people and workers to improve their employability. Workshops are also conducted for business places to assist them with diversity management, our workshops and programs are Aboriginal people specific.   

GN: How long have you been in business for? 

A: Khonnect was established in 2013.  We are an Aboriginal family owned company.  

GN: What products and or services does your business supply? 

A: Workshop – Managing Diversity – Aboriginal specific 

Literacy and Numeracy Programme – 100 hours targeting unemployed people to move from foundation skills to functional English and Maths. 

Aboriginal Studies 15-hour programme for schools 

GN: What would you say to someone considering launching their own business? 

A: Since 2013 I have encouraged a few of my family members to investigate launching their own business.  I recommended they tap into other experts.  I was supported by Indigenous Business Australia (Brisbane) and Many Rivers here in Gladstone.  I recommend these to others as well as looking into courses that may enhance their skills and knowledge e.g. University and TAFE.  Launching a business is hard work, you need to be resilient and have a great support network.  I learnt these from a cousin who had operated her own business with her husband they were a great sounding board. 

GN: What is the highlight of your time as a business owner?  

A: Connecting 30 Aboriginal unemployed to TAFE courses.  Khonnect’s short term Work Ready Training programme provided 3 groups of 10 people training in 3-5 TAFE courses.  Khonnect supported the participants to a 90% participation in each course with a 90% success rate.  I am very pleased with these results.  

GN: Tell us one thing people don’t know about you or your business? 

A: That I am operating.  I am on the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Partnership (DATSIP) website of companies to deliver Cultural Awareness.  Khonnect entered the state wide process in 2017 and was one of nine successful companies to be placed on their website in 2018.