What International Women’s Day means to the team at Gladstone News and Elevate Media

What International Women’s Day means to the team at Gladstone News and Elevate Media

Ashleigh Kvitko: Chief Executive Officer

A timely reminder for the start of a new year; I will strive throughout 2023 to #EmbraceEquity, to welcome it into my business, home, teachings and way of life. I take the time to appreciate the inspiring women around me and reflect on positive steps I can take to help forge a world where equal opportunity is prevalent. In business and in my personal life I consciously surround myself with like-minded women who don’t accept inequality and who work tirelessly to create opportunities for the next generation of women in business.


Dacia Stewart: Journalist

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EmbraceEquity, and encourages us to see why equity isn’t just something nice to have, but is a necessity for a changing and evolving society. The notion of equality would assume that all people are born with equal opportunity, though this isn’t true. Equity takes into account the limitations of our society, and how we can provide equitable opportunities for people of individual circumstances or constraints.


Romy Bowden: Marketing Coordinator

I see International Women’s Day as a reminder of the immense power there is in solidarity with other women. This day is also an opportunity to honour those who have been at the forefront of the fight against gender discrimination and inequities in legal, civil and human rights, and those who lost their freedom or lives while doing so. The actual movement of advancing gender parity extends, of course, far beyond just one day but this day can serve testament to the power of women, and the continuation of our journey to an equitable society.

The fight for gender equality is only as strong as the movement is diverse and intersectional.


Jaclyn Kemp: Graphic Designer

Each year International Women’s Day reminds me that I can play a part in creating a world that is inclusive and free from discrimination. This year’s theme of #EmbraceEquity challenges me to encourage my two young boys to celebrate diversity, and to make an effort to make everyone feel included and valued.

We can all actively support this goal in our own spheres of influence, whether it be at home, work, friendship and sporting groups.


Jessica Salgo: Digital Marketing

Every International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect, on not just my own journey and how far I have come, but the distance women everywhere have travelled through the journey of equality.

But is equality enough anymore in our ever-evolving world?

Equity means creating an inclusive world, one that moves with us and grows to support, include, and embrace.

In raising my son, I hope to instil the importance of equality and equity, I hope he supports, embraces, and includes women and all genders.

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